Christians Mourn Their Relatives Beheaded by ISIS

Catherine’s Monastery is considered one of the most important for ancient texts. New research examining a manuscript from the 6th century shows that it is not just the visible writing that holds value, but also the letters hidden underneath them. A copy of a medical recipe linked to the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates, is just one text that was waiting centuries to be uncovered. The manuscript containing the recipe has been dated to the 5th or 6th century AD, so it is not an original created by the famed Greek physician Hippocrates; it is just a copy created after his death. Nonetheless, a researcher with the Early Manuscripts Electronic Library EMEL told Asharq Al-Awsat the document also holds value for its age, stating that the text “will be enlisted among the oldest and the most important manuscripts in the world. Ahram Online The nature of the remedy has yet to be provided, however it was found alongside drawings of herbs and three other medical recipes written by an anonymous author. Helmy El-Namnam, the Egyptian culture minister, asserted that the presence of these texts contained within the manuscript provides evidence for the leading position Egyptians had in science. Dating of manuscripts controversially suggests Quran may be older than Prophet Mohammed The identified manuscript is one example of the known palimpsests held within the library of St.

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Takla Church in Alexandria, the capital of Coptic Christianity. The Coptic language descends from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, according to the World Council of Churches. The word “Copt” is a Westernized version of the Arabic “qibt,” which is derived from the ancient Greek word for Egyptian, “Aigyptos.

The church operates primary and secondary schools throughout Egypt, as well as a Coptic museum and a theological college in the Egyptian capital. History of persecution, recent spike in violence Blood stains the wall in the courtyard at St. Coptic Christians have been targeted for violence throughout history, notably under the Byzantine Empire and periodically after the Arab conquest in the 7th century. An Islamic caliph in power around the year A.

Egyptians mourn, but do they understand? Recent political upheaval in Egypt has brought more violence to the Coptic community.

Hippocratic Medical Recipe Lost in a Famous Egyptian Monastery Finally Comes to Light

Help us defend the rights of our brothers and sisters in Egypt Cultural conflicts in courting: Egyptian-Coptic relationships in the West Posted by Sarah on April 3rd, Andrew George explores the potential conflict that an Australian of Egyptian-Coptic descent is exposed to when courting. One of the most challenging aspects of life as the son of an Egyptian immigrant living in a Western country is the ongoing difficulty attempting to traverse the difficult terrain caused by exposure to different cultures that are at times incompatible with one another.

The Egyptian culture is a culture that, to use a classification from a prominent text on morality — the Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, has a moral code based on the ethics of community and divinity. This is in contrast to Western culture that is based on individualism; that is, a value-based system built on the ethics of autonomy.

A Coptic clergyman shows a picture of a man whom he says is one of the Egyptian Coptic Christians purportedly murdered by Isis militants in Libya, during a memorial ceremony in the village of al.

Note the two holes of different sizes in the left hand example. Are these different sized holes for different sized spears, or are they different sizes for purposes of a bridle? At the turn of the century an excavator of a prehistoric site La Quina, in the Charente district of southwest France noticed unusual traces of wear on the front incisor teeth of horses dug up from the Mousterian layers.

These marks resembled those on modern teeth that result from the “tic” or nervous chewing habit of horses shut up in captivity, where boredom drives them to nibble incessantly at hard objects. This study concluded that the nervous “tic” and its associated pattern of tooth wear is never present on animals free to wander at will. Could it be, then, that some Mousterian communities kept corrals of horses at certain times of the year, facilitating a control over animals normally undreamed of for this remote period or for many thousands of years afterward?

It may be significant that the excavator of La Quina also found no less than seventy-six of the mysterious stone spheres in the Mousterian layers that, if they formed parts of bolas as suggested earlier , could have been used to bring down and capture animals alive. In any case, the problem of the peculiar tooth wear brought to light sixty years ago deserves to be reexamined with modern techniques. A more startling claim, first advanced in the s and revived recently by a British scholar, Paul Bahn, is that we may be able to recognize actual animal bridles among Paleolithic bone objects.

These objects take the form of pierced staves of reindeer horn or bone, with a hole smoothly worked all the way through the branching point of the antler, usually shaped to a T or Y outline. As in the case of so many other forms of decorated bone work, elaborate animal carvings do not appear regularly until the middle Magdalenian, When depictions of horses are the most common theme. The Magdalenian carvers seem to have delighted in the difficulties of decorating the narrow, rounded surfaces with a fine tracery of complex and well-proportioned animal forms,, Today, we can only grasp the total design when it is “decoded” in a single flat plane with the help of a cast of the entire rolled-out surface.

Egytian Coptic Christians Dating

The Coptic words that still survive in colloquial Egyptian dialect of Arabic, matches with Old Bohiric, but has nothing to do with Greco-Bohairic. It’s an unbroken chain, that can not be accused. Though scientific researches knows no shore as meterology or weather but it is like Anatomy or Geography, where you can’t miss the arm or the presence of a mounatin, sea shore, rivers etc. Moftah Up to it was not that common in the Coptic Church.

Nearly all Egyptian men are circumcised because of an Egyptian tradition that dates back to the Pharaohs, as well as Islamic-Judaic religious tradition. In Christianity, circumcision was no longer seen as necessary for salvation, as it was replaced by baptism in Christ.

We’ve really hit it off and she’s probably the coolest girl I’ve met in a long long time. A little back story: Her parents are both Egytians who immigrated to Canada separately in the 80’s where they met. They moved to the US and got married and started a family sometime after that. So she was born in the States and raised here.

Her parents live a state away, as she moved to my home state for a job after she graduated college so meeting them anytime soon probably isn’t going to happen. I was reading up on the Coptic people because before I met her I really hadn’t the faintest clue what that really meant. It’s still a little foggy but I’m starting to get the jist of it I think. I know she’s deeply religious and it plays a huge part in her life, but she also seems pretty liberal and laid back about the whole thing.

I’m not religious at all. I’d say Im agnostic if not borderline atheist. I have absolutely no problem with her faith. I actually find it very attractive.

Ancient Egypt

Share via Email This article is over 3 months old A priest enters an Egyptian monastery. The body of Bishop Epiphanius was found on 29 July at the entrance to his monastic cell in the Saint Macarius monastery, which lies on a desert road north-west of Cairo. The head of the monastery was found in a pool of blood and had received blows to the back of his skull.

The Coptic year is the extension of the ancient Egyptian civil year; a full grown man ready to start immediately his ministry. Congress have expressed concern about “human trafficking” of Coptic women and girls who are victims of abductions, in were created .

I have no intentions of sugar coating anything, you will find profanity, and lots of it. As I intend to be completly honest about how I feel, and the situation that I am going through. You have been warned! Read at your own risk! I’m so fucking done with putting up with this petty bullshit. Being told where I can go, when I can go, or for that matter weather or not I’m allowed to go.

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Egypt’s Coptic Christians bury their dead

Email CAIRO — A Muslim mob ransacked and torched seven Christian homes last week in a province south of the Egyptian capital, Cairo, after rumors spread that a Christian man had an affair with a Muslim woman, according to a statement by the local Orthodox Coptic church. Released late Wednesday, the statement said that during the attack last Friday, the mother of the Christian man, who had fled the village in Minya province, was publicly stripped of her clothes by the mob to humiliate her.

The persecution of Egypt’s Coptic Christians The statement was signed by Anba Makarios, Minya’s top Christian cleric, who on Wednesday night told a talks show host on the private Dream TV network that the elderly woman was dragged out of her home by the mob who beat her and insulted her before they stripped her of her clothes and paraded her naked on the streets while chanting Allahu Akbar, or “God is great.

Extramarital affairs or sex between unmarried couples are taboo among both Muslims and Christians in conservative Egypt.

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On second thought, in these times, maybe this spell should be studied for historical purposes only. Because she is a young unmarried girl protected and secluded by her family, or already married to someone else. Coptic Christianity traditionally dates back to 42 CE when it was believed to have been founded by St. Mark, who was said to be one of the 12 apostles and the writer of the New Testament Gospel carrying his name. The Coptic Egyptian language that the papyrus is written in contains Greek letters that were added when it became a written language.

This particular papyrus dates back about years. Dosoo believes the two creatures are a male and female and the picture may symbolize a couple in need of a magic love spell. The school has no records of who it came from or when.

The Coptic Christians of Egypt

Islamic militants on Friday ambushed a bus carrying Christian pilgrims on their way to a remote desert monastery south of the Egyptian capital, killing at least seven and wounding a dozen more, the Interior Ministry said. All but one of those killed were members of the same family, according to a list of the victims’ names released by the church.

The local Islamic State affiliate which spearheads militants fighting security forces in the Sinai Peninsula claimed responsibility for the attack, according to the extremist group’s Amaaq news agency.

A Coptic clergyman shows a picture of a man whom he says is one of the Egyptian Coptic Christians purportedly murdered by Isis militants in Libya, during a memorial ceremony in the village of al.

Maspero Massacre 18 May — The Coptic Church obtained a permission in January to turn a garment factory bought by the church in , into a church in the neighbourhood of Ain Shams of Cairo. However, angry Muslim mobs attacked the church and scores of Copts and Muslims were arrested for the disturbance. On Sunday May 29, an Egyptian Military Court sentenced two Coptic Christians to five years in jail each for violence and for trying to turn a factory into an unlicensed church. Maspero demonstrations Thousands of Coptic Christians took to the streets in Cairo to protest the burning of a church in Marinab and were headed towards Maspiro , where they were met with armoured personnel carrier , APCs, and hundreds of riot police and special forces.

Army vehicles charged at the protesters and reports of at least 6 protesters being crushed under APCs, including one with a crushed skull, has emerged. In addition, witnesses have confirmed that military personnel were seen firing live ammunition into the protesters, while the Health Ministry confirmed that at least 20 protesters have undergone surgery for bullet wounds.

Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya members and Salafist groups attempted to attack Kamel as he was led out of court, and rocks were thrown at the police car used to take him away from the court.


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