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This “Prayers for Singles” page is for those of you who are wanting a husband and a child. If you are content in your singleness, then this is not the page for you. We at Inspirational-Prayers want to provide prayers for singles so that you can lead a good life until you meet the man of your dreams. This following devotion is for Women with intense yearning for a husband and child – or for someone who wants to understand that kind of yearning. Sunday Morning Isolation While I was sitting in our big sanctuary last Sunday, I was very aware of the sermon and its implications on the listeners. Several times as the daily relationships of life were listed, it was spouse and children that were continuously highlighted. When life is discussed, it is generally ordered around husband, wife, and children. For those whose hearts are unsatisfied with singleness, the list is just one more avenue for emptiness to find an opening into their day.

Dating and Praying: How to Navigate Spiritual Intimacy

Can Catholics find their soul mates in cyberspace? A doctor with dimples in his cheeks and champagne in his hand lounging in a hot tub. And 16 months later, she accepted his marriage proposal. Online dating is no longer confined to the desperate. And thousands of Catholics like Dick and Perkovich are fueling the phenomenon.

The Roman Rite (Latin: Ritus Romanus) is the most widespread liturgical rite in the Catholic Church, as well as the most popular and widespread Rite in all of Christendom, and is one of the Western/Latin rites used in the Western or Latin Church.

Today my heart has become one with my wife, Forever be one, living for you Father for eternity. I’ve waited for this moment to arrive; I’ve waited patiently to drink the cup of love. In Holy matrimony, today my Lord, You have brought us together from above. There she is, as radiant I had dreamed and imagined, My new beloved wife. Here I am, before you Father, As her new husband, thank you for your blessings, My Lord guide us as we begin our new lives.

This beautiful gift you have given me I will treasure, I will hold and guard dear to my heart. I will not take for granted of your love for us Father, You are the center of our attention Indeed the most important part. Our faith, our hope, our love is in you, We recognize Father you are the marriage builder. My deep love for her can only come from my true first love, The One died on the cross Who made both of our lives brand new, Thank you for our salvation, my precious Savior.

Lord, I know today, saying I do, were more than just words, Was more than just a saying ritual in the wedding ceremony.

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These prayers for purity can give you graces to deal with it! Still, we can, with the help of our Lord and His Blessed Mother in prayer, turn away from them when they disturb our peace of mind. The first of our prayers of purity is addressed first to our Blessed Mother Mary, who was called by St. Mary, Mother most pure, and Joseph, chaste guardian of the Virgin, to you I entrust the purity of my soul and body.

F.U.N. (Faith Uniting Neighbors) is a social and service group for single Catholics (single, divorced, widowed), aged , from throughout the Northwest Wayne Vicariate. F.U.N invites interested Catholic singles to come check out our outings.

Traditionally wire-wrapped by hand, we make our rosaries virtually unbreakable. The Rosary is a powerful form of meditation prayer on the life of Christ, while you send your petition of Prayer for the Intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary. When you buy a rosary, get it blessed immediately by a priest. A blessed rosary is a powerful channel of Grace, and has many indulgences attached to it. We hope that our rosaries will be used in your prayers often and bring forth much fruit.

Are you confounded at the enormity of your sins, are you ashamed at the defilement of your conscience, are you terrified on account of the dreadful judgment, so that you begin to be overpowered by sadness, or even to sink into the abyss of despair, then turn your thoughts to Mary. In dangers, in distress, in doubt, call on Mary.

She will not be far from your mouth, or your heart; and that you may obtain her intercession omit not to imitate her conduct. When you follow her, you will not go astray; when you invoke her, you will no longer be in doubt; when she supports you, you will not fall; when she leads you, you will surely come to eternal life, and will find by your own experience that she is justly called Maria — that is, Star of the Sea.

Lights of Faith and Hope Bring Light into your home: Buy some and have your parish priest bless them for you. Always have a blessed candle in your home. The Hebrew word for bee is dbure, meaning word, with the message being that the bee brings the Divine word. Pure beeswax symbolizes the purity and divinity of Christ, and innocence of people offering it.

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Pope Francis, Amoris Laetitia The Joy of Love April 8, This apostolic exhortation, “The Joy of Love”, is the result of Pope Francis’s prayerful reflection on the discussions and outcomes of two synods of bishops held in Rome October and October on marriage and the family. In Amoris Laetitia, Pope Francis shares with the Church his teaching and encouragement regarding pastoral ministry to marriages and families, and the great vocation and mission that married couples and families are called to live out.

For more about this document, visit our Amoris Laetitia page. While broadly teaching about love, the work is nevertheless applicable to all facets of the Christian life, including that of marriage. The pope describes the current threats to the value of life and urges all Christians to create a new culture of life, fostering a deeper appreciation and respect for all men and women.

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Patrons Saints for the Divorced St. Helen The mother of Constantine, St. Helen found the True Cross in Jerusalem and, for many centuries, devotion to St. Helen has been linked to devotion to the Holy Cross. Sources are also unsure as to the exact nature of their relationship: Whatever the specifics, the two were in a relationship that produced an heir, Constantine, around the year CE. They remained together for at least 15 years, but in CE Constantius, who was Roman Emperor Caesar, divorced Helena to enter into a politically advantageous marriage with a younger woman, Theodora, who was the stepdaugher of Maximian, Roman Emperor Augustus at the time.

Today, as civil divorce becomes more prevalent, St. Helen is offered to unhappy spouses as a heavenly patron who can truly sympathize with their anguish and offer prayers and on their behalf. St Helen, pray for us! Guntramnus He was King of Orleans and Burgundy in and had married a woman named Mercatrude, which means Peacemaker.

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She was the prettiest gal in the room. And they went looking for a wife, not a girlfriend. Why do I say so? Well, there are several problems with dating without a clear goal of marriage.

The Bible is the best selling book of all time. Here are some powerful verses from the Holy Bible. These verses tell us more about each topic and will guide us and strengthen us.

I was certain that I had heard every well-meaning, backhanded compliment about single people, but this one was new. Thankfully his comment was not directed at me, or any other singles for that matter. Earlier that day, my dad and I had run into a particularly quirky couple, which later evoked a conversation about what it takes to remain faithful despite our imperfections. I had laughed out loud at this silly aphorism because it embodies so many of the myths and stereotypes about single people: I dated off and on throughout my young adult years.

But when I finally gave myself permission to stop searching for a significant other and began living with a greater sense of purpose, I discovered some of my most meaningful relationships and found myself more readily available to respond to God. While I live by myself, I am rarely alone, and I have an incredibly fulfilling life. Still, myths about the single life abound, even within our own church communities. Not to mention a litany of scripture verses that seem to validate marriage as the better choice.

What does the Catholic Church—which rightfully puts a strong emphasis on marriage and children—have to offer those who choose to be single or those who go through life without finding a partner? When we move beyond the myths, we discover that the church actually has a lot to share. The greatest gift the church offers to single people is a place to belong.

God calls us and takes us as we are, and singles need to be reminded that our presence among the body of Christ is sufficient on its own. For single people in particular, there is great comfort in knowing that God beholds the entirety of our lives.

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Enlightened Catholicism A place for Catholics who don’t find their Catholic identity in the standard definitions. Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout. But Love and I had the wit to win: We drew a circle that took him in. I was checking some blog stats and noticed this particular post had a lot of hits and so checked it out. It dawned on me that it had all the hits because of Valentine’s day.

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Sunday, February 28, 10 Catholic Podcasts Not to Miss If you want to both learn about the faith, and be entertained, then podcasts are a great way to do it. You can use your iPod or another mp3 player, or just listen on your computer. Here are 10 great Catholic Podcasts for your perusal. Catholic Underground has two great priests from Baton Rouge, LA and adds two former seminarian friends who discuss the Catholic faith, current goings on in the Church, and technology talk for a great show.

It’s hard to pick, but this may be my favorite. Catholic Under the Hood with Fr. Seraphim is a friar of the Third Order of St. He is also an assistant professor of history for the Franciscan University of Steubenville on their campus in Gaming, Austria. He talks about Catholic History and Theology. I have learned so much. If you love history, this guy is for you. They have great discussions on how to have a personal relationship with Christ.

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